We explore the unknown to define the future of the business
We are based in Moscow, Russia, but work globally. Our latest projects are headquartered in UK, Germany, Armenia. We know that the businesses of tomorrow need new approach and formats to delivering results. We specialise in the new and unconventional. We are looking for brave companies to define the future together.

Arguments against opinions
We believe that the future belongs to those who can argue the new approach, not to those who base their opinions on the reality of yesterday.

We analyze the business, explore the environment, immerse ourselves in the business processes, understand the consumers, study the product and share our comprehensive vision, not a point of view.

We hypothesize, set objectives, define the road map, develop the communication and inspire the clients, employees, investors, partners and local communities.

We offer conceptual solutions, supervise their implementation, involve artists, directors, event managers, digital experts to flesh out these concepts.

Looking for the spark
Charge Automotive is a British company based in London. They redefine great classic cars with advanced electric technology while preserving their iconic design. In 2019 we helped them market the 499 cars made from Mustang shells licensed from Ford and to be sold for 300+ thousand pounds.

First, we looked at the global electric cars trends and identified the ones that will affect this product. We looked at how electric cars are perceived and what are consumer insights and barriers in their relation. Then, we looked at the global markets in terms of infrastructure, electric cars capacity and premium cars capacity. Then we looked at the target audience potential in the selected markets. We focused on Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals in each. We defined their portrait, the consumption and media habits. We were careful to identify local cultural peculiarities.

Charge.Cars. Continued

Then we had to analyze how luxury in general is consumed in the world nowadays.

We looked at luxury trends and how marketing has changed to cater to those. We have identified how the luxury consumer journey has changed. And the most important we have found the classic brand promotion and brand differentiation rules are not applicable here. And what are the new rules.

This helped us arrive at a robust and comprehensive understanding on how to market our product on the global market. Lastly, we have presented 3 conceptual ideas and what was the rationale behind each of them.

We continue our work with Charge Automotives and are getting ready for the next stages of the brand communications.

Experiment X
Experiment X is a biotech company that develops omni-purpose medical solutions for professional community, enthusiasts and experimentators. Currently the company's portfolio contains: portable immunochromatographic tester (lateral flow tester), tests, blood cell condition reader and digital health-control applications.

We were invited in Spring 2019 to provide analytics of the market, healthcare and consumer trends, and come up with marketing strategy and concepts.

Experiment X (continued)

This project was special not only because of the novelty of a biotech sphere startup but also due to the peculiarities of the category and the product itself.

It had several target audiences, several products, more than one sphere of applications, numerous occasions. It was a lot to take in during the analysis stage.

We looked at Point-of-Care Testing as well as telemedicne technology and trends. We analyzed the markets where this technologies are feasible. And we considered opportunities and threats related to them.

Experiment X (continued)

We analyzed what social changes are relevant: we found that people change their attitude to aging and living alone. We saw that human contact is becoming a new luxury. And then we realized that the contact between clinic staff and patients leaves much to be desired on both sides. Especially since every consumer considers themselves an expert today. Then we looked at how 'normal' is defined in terms of healthcare and we found some interesting way-ins here for our products. We discovered how DIY medicine and wellness trend are changing people's attitude to health and healthcare.

By matching this with the market and technology study we did, we came up with communication ideas and activations.

Dr. Toad is an expert service providing select premium wines to connoisseurs. It is not a retailer aiming to sell fast at a premium. Dr. Toad aims to remove the agents between the wine producer and the consumer.

Blessed was invited to develop a communications strategy, launch the project, direct video content and provide copywriting.

While exploring the target audience we found a connection between them and independent street artists. These self-taught wine connoisseurs follow them on social media, some even know the artists personally. So our communications plan was to make an art series with 4 episodes about 5 representatives of the Russian street art scene.

Robonetica is an AI and Robotics platform. They make exciting AI programmable robots and connected robotics software frameworks. Their products are dedicated to all tech monsters and digital natives from high school up to university level, so they can easily experience, learn and program themselves serious AI and Robots.

They asked Blessed to develop a website that would appeal to both children and grownups. The website was supposed to both tell about the possibilities of Robonetica and demonstrate them as well. Our solution was to create a gameplay website.

Notfoundgallery is an independent gallery specializing in street art. They have a big collection of graffiti tags by current street artists operating in Moscow. So when Moscow Urban Fest approached us looking for ideas about how to show the ecosystems of the city that are usually not visible to its dwellers, we offered the following.

Our idea was to train a machine learning platform to recognize graffiti tags so that anybody in the city could finally read the tags they may notice everyday and learn about the tagging scene.

As part of this platform we invited Notfoundgallery's owner to do a tour of the city streets tellling about the tags in the streets ending up in his gallery where anybody could use the machine learning platform we developed to read the tags on his gallery collection.

And, finally, at the festival venue we read a lecture about the code systems in the city, which would also dwell on how artists use the urban space as their canvas.

Blessed spheres of interest

We are interested in connecting business with people and communities. That is why we are always researching the related themes. We scan the latest signals in the society and analyze them from different points of view: psychological, economical, social, cultural and of course technological. We approach all our projects with deep understanding of the human aspect of business in mind.
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