Experiment X
Tech is always based on strong beliefs.
Now beliefs are bases on tech.
Innovations open new horizons that are not only in front of us but also inside us. Our hypothesis is that the pace of the today's progress will lead us to the world where patients will pay for being healed and not for the treatment. Where the possibilities of medicine will go far beyond support and into improvement. Where we will have to learn to choose the right moment to leave this world.

Our "tech-belief"
Technological and medical progress cannot he stopped. The world over scientists, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts achieve medical breakthroughs, make the complicated easier, put the impossible on to the path toward probable. The probably becomes mass and mainstream.

Patients become clients. Medicine — the sphere of expert based not on unconditional trust, but on the most convenient conditions for every individual patient. Health care becomes mainstream life style. People are more and more involved in the process of learning about its body and its structure. In the future this will the patients to have more influence on the medical sphere. And the medical services market will be free from profiteers. And instead of treatment, the patients will pay for its result.
Our products
Experiment X is an open to the outside world company that is always on the lookout for innovators and medical evangelists. We believe that it's time for us all to get ready to the big changes that wait for us ahead.

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