In-depth ethnographic study of how teens look at the personal and professional development
Develop and moderate a workshop to brainstorm ideas on what could engage these teens and how in the specified sphere.
Find guest experts for the workshop (with deep understanding of the current teenagers as well as proven experience of working with them in the digital, media and culture world).
Brand charity program for teens
We analysed the theme in Russia and globally, including best practices and cases. We carried out a quantitative research inside the company to determine the current situation and come up with KPIs to measure the women leadership program against. Then we did in-depth interviews with key women staffers to identify actionable insights. We determined key needs of women staffers regarding work evaluation, training: what hinders their development, what conditions are required. Based on the discovered information we defined key areas of improvement and came up with a plan for women leadership program in the company. The program is implemented by the Women Club KFC Russia since August 2018.
We explored the world of the Russian tourists with the help of our private qualitative research method. We spent time in immersive experiences and conversations with young couples, families, single parents, singles. We looked for the perspective with related experts: flight attendants, travel agents, airlines executives. We compared global tourism trends vs. local peculiarities in attitude and behaviour. We arrived at an actionable picture of their mindsets and the attitude-and-behavior shift present in the heads of Russian tourists.
Ultimately, we developed a workshop scenario based on the stimuli we unearthed and eventually arrived at several story-based concepts to be further used in media planning by Havas Digital.

*Case from previous experience at Banana Trends.

Research and analyse the sentiments inside the company regarding career growth, work conditions and leadership for women.
Study the set of problems such programs solve in Russia and globally, including best practices and case studies.
Develop recommendations for women leadership program in the company and its urgent tasks.
Corporate women leadership program
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