In-depth ethnographic study of Russian tourists in Central Russia and Eastern SIberia
Develop and moderate a workshop to develop concepts for positioning
Formulate the positioning concepts
South Korea as a tourism brand for Russians
We explored the world of the Russian tourists with the help of our private qualitative research method. We spent time in immersive experiences and conversations with young couples, families, single parents, singles. We looked for the perspective with related experts: flight attendants, travel agents, airlines executives. We compared global tourism trends vs. local peculiarities in attitude and behaviour. We arrived at an actionable picture of their mindsets and the attitude-and-behavior shift present in the heads of Russian tourists.
Ultimately, we developed a workshop scenario based on the stimuli we unearthed and eventually arrived at several story-based concepts to be further used in media planning by Havas Digital.

*Case from previous experience at Banana Trends.

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