Target audience analysis
Referral program trends and best practices review
Product usage analysis (online consumer journey)
Develop referral program scenarios
Electronic online payment systems. A publicly traded company
A quick research of the target audience and how they use the payment system in different scenarios. Then based on the results, develop several referral program scenarios for real-life testing. Banana Trends made several interviews with respondents who use QIWI for online-shopping, online-betting, charity donations and and also found out how they perceive QIWI as a brand. We studied essential trends and mechanics of referral programs. Developed concepts and scenarios of referral programs of different types for real-life testing. We specified communicative messages for every program, target audience, step-by-step mechanics for the consumer journey, including bonus and awards system. The programs were aligned with the client's analytics department and finalised with product development.

*Case from previous experience at Banana Trends.

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